**Welcome to sTEAp House: Where Every Sip Tells a Story**

At sTEAp House, we're not just another tea brand. We're a passionate group of tea enthusiasts who have embarked on a journey to transform the way you experience tea. Our story begins with a simple question: did you know that the tea in most tea bags is nothing but the dusty remains at the bottom of tea barrels? We believe that when it comes to self-care, only the finest will do. That's why we're on a mission to bring you the purest, most luxurious tea experience.

The foundation of sTEAp House is built upon the vision of our founder, whose love for tea started at a young age. From the tender age of 9, a dream began to take root—a dream of a tea house that would offer a diverse range of teas, in contrast to the limited options found in traditional coffee shops. This dream stayed alive through the years, even when life took unexpected turns.

In 2009, at just 23 years old, our founder took a significant step towards that dream by becoming a certified tea sommelier and opening a brick-and-mortar tea haven in Pennsylvania named TranquiliTea House. However, life had its own plans, and the closure of the building left TranquiliTea House without a physical home. Undeterred, we took our love for tea directly to the people through private events, pop-ups, and festivals. The aroma of our teas and the comfort they brought started weaving connections with our cherished customers.

A cross-country move to Georgia sparked the rebirth of the business in phases. The first chapter involved establishing our presence in the bustling heart of Atlanta. We were embraced by the community, and as word spread, we knew we were on the right track. And then came a pivotal moment—an e-commerce platform that would open doors to tea lovers far and wide.

July 2020 saw the launch of our long-awaited online store. It was a leap of faith, taken sooner than expected, prompted by the tumultuous times we all faced. The global pandemic and the call for justice in the face of loss drove us to shed our fears and give life to the dream. Our very first blend, "Strange Fruit: A Blend to Inspire the Arrest of the Cops that killed Breonna Taylor," resonated deeply. In just 24 hours, we sold out, dedicating all proceeds to the family of Breonna Taylor and the Louisville Bail Fund.

Our journey is now in its second phase, and the pace has been astounding. We've been honored to craft custom blends for wholesale partners and have even caught the attention of industry giants like Amazon, who invited us to join their minority business accelerator. Every step forward reaffirms our commitment to the art of tea and the spirit of giving back. Other advancements included a full rebrand and establishment of our trademarked name, sTEAp house.

sTEAp House isn't just about tea; it's about empowerment, social change, and nurturing moments of peace. With every blend we create and every sip you take, we invite you to be part of our story—a story of resilience, compassion, and the pursuit of a dream that began with a young tea lover's vision. sTEAp with us as we celebrate the beauty of life, one cup of tea at a time.