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Slowly, Surely™

Slowly, Surely™

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Delicate white peony tea blended with rose petals, rose hips, sage, and a touch of strawberry.


Our Slowly, Surely blend is a delicate white tea blend made for the purpose of helping you let go of things that no longer serve you. There is something special in the ritual of preparing a cup of tea for yourself. Set your intentions as you are heating your water, measuring your leaves, pouring the water over your leaves, and even as you wait for your tea to be ready. With each sip, don't contemplate; decide. Make the decision to fully remove yourself from that situation, relationship, habit, environment - whatever it may be, and move forward in to what is best for you.

Average Servings

Fill Me Up: approx 20 servings
Just A Taste: approx 12 servings

These white tea leaves are voluminous and will fill the bag a great deal more than, say, a black tea would. Please bear in mind that all teas are sold by weight and not by volume when noticing the differences!


White Peony Tea, Rose buds and petals, White Sage, Strawberries and Hibiscus.

Minimal Caffeine Content

Steeping Ritual

Add 1.5 teaspoons per 8oz. of water at 180° F and allow to sTEAp for 3 minutes. Remove promptly for multiple infusions - allow to sTEAp a bit longer with each infusion.

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