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V as in Victor™ - Ervie's Blend (Citrus Green Tea)

V as in Victor™ - Ervie's Blend (Citrus Green Tea)

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A delightful Chinese green tea lightly scented with bright citrus notes. Delicious hot or iced!


"Ervie... That's E-R, V as in VICTOR, I-E." Every day I would listen to my mom on the phone (she's been a successful work from home career woman since before it was cool) and everyday, every message left, she would spell her name out to ensure that folks would get it right. They still got it wrong often, but she never settled for being acknowledged as less than who she is. Names are powerful. Knowing your name and demanding to be called nothing less than your name was something I learned early from my Mom, named for her grandmother, whose name I, too, share as my middle name and have also passed down to my daughter. I relish every opportunity to mirror the way she commands the respect of having her name properly pronounced and spelled, and I am proud to say I've worked to instill this same pride and confidence in my own children. 

This blend was a staple in our former brick and mortar location in Easton, PA, previously known as Citron Green. It was and still is my mom's favorite blend to this day - and it seemed fitting to rename it in her honor. This Chinese green tea is scented with the bright notes of lemon and orange and is a delightful tea hot or served over ice. It requires very little sweetener, if any at all, but is a delicate green tea and requires attention to steep times and water temperature.

Average Servings

Fill Me Up: Approx. 20-24 servings
Just A Taste: Approx: 12-15 servings


Chinese Green Tea, Orange Peel, Natural Lemon & Orange Flavor, Marigold Petals

Steeping Ritual

Add 1 tsp of tea per 6-8 ounces of water at 180° F and allow to sTEAp for 2-3 minutes. Remove leaves promptly to avoid bitterness.

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